birmingham zombie walk 2010

Once again it was time for the birmingham zombie walk! Last year was a great success raising over £100 for Birmingham’s children hospital. The first walk in birmingham was a great success lots of people showed up in great spirits.

To me the zombie walk is not just a great charity event and a bit of fun but it is also interactive art. A lot of time and effort goes into peoples costumes some with great characters behind them. Last year I was a clown. This year I didn’t have much time so went as a pj zombie (sadly no pic evidence for this one).

It is inspiring how people get into zombie character through out the walk. For the socially shy this is a chance to be somebody else and celebrate a cult genre or just to make a social statement.
peoples reactions tend to range from total ignorance to delight but hopefully more people will be interested in taking part in next years to raise even more money for charity. Start planning your costumes now guys and ghouls ;).

Pics supplied by the ever talented Andy Watson
Kudos going out to the lovely latex work and also paris zombie for originality!


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