Halloween monster movie challenge

Somehow I have managed to get this far into the blog without mentioning the halloween monster movie challenge. Enjoy that moment while you still can readers as soon you will be bombarded with many updates about this years event.

Let’s start at the beginning. The halloween monster movie challenge was founded by Tom Richards first taking place in wolverhampton at the lighthouse cinema. The winner of the first was a talented midlands based film maker/actor wayne john davies.

In the second year emerald void took over the challenge and brought it to birmingham. Seeing a lack of film making events in birmingham we thought we would bring this great idea to attention. Promoting like crazy the main aim was to prove that on a zero budget we could achieve and therefore no-one else could make excuses.

Promoting independence was very important to me having not finished university I felt it was important to show that it was still possible to get out there and create amazing things. The venue,leaflet design.bands and film were all independent based. We had lots of great entries from all across the uk and film makers came together to celebrate the movie genre. To check out the winners and a few of the other entries check out the beautiful new website designed by the brilliant @cherrivalentine.

So let’s get making some movies 🙂


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