uk film council abolished

So yesterday I saw a ton of articles about how the government are going to abolish the uk film council! Yet again art is suffering due to a government not undertsnding the importance of creativity in society.

Abolishing the uk film council only means more people going jobless and less money coming into the economy from the money it produces.

Although its a terrible ordeal and many will suffer at the hands of this bad decision I say we don’t let it stop us. This only means we have to go back to basics and get even more creative just like the true ideals of film back to the no budget and seeing how creative we can be on trying to score free locations.

Let’s look on the bright side in all my no budget work I have discovered some great people. I revel in encouraging everyone to have a go at different aspects of film making be it acting,set design or just being an extra so many new talents are being discovered everyday just from being forced to be in a no budget movie. So don’t let this stop you fellow film makers just means we have to work a little bit harder to show the world we still got it.


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