Sometimes I think I live in the past I find myself still going back to the same bands. Is that just me? I am very open minded musically i find restricting yourself to just one genre is only gonna leave you being the one who misses out. Saying that this post is about my favourite band.

While other girls swooned over take that my love was for riot grrl bands like babes in toyland, L7, and of course lunachicks filled my headphones. I can remember sitting on a bus to school reading some fanzine that explored this amazing world of riot grrl the first time I laid eyes on the lunachicks. I turned the page and there in front of me was the craziest women I had ever laid eyes on. Covered in tattoos, drag queen make up and baby doll dresses screaming a ‘don’t mess with us’ kinda attitude instantly i was hooked!

First album I laid my hands on was ‘jerk of all trades’ and they blew me away. Soon I had every album. sadly they broke up in 2000 leaving me with no hope of ever seeing them live.

Just in case anyone is interested their discography is as follows:

Due to the content of some of the songs many people would probably not agree with me that the lunachicks are strong role models. to me the lunachicks represent standing up for yourself, having fun and being a strong woman.True representation of punky teenage angst!

Many annoyed neighbours later i am still blasting their ballsy sound through my speakers. Some amazing influences and covers along the way.

So for anyone who knows me you now know who to blame for me being so outspoken as they gave me a lil push in the right direction. I personally believe that if more girls listened to bands like the lunachicks we would have more independent women in this world. A lot of their lyrics ridicule plastic surgery and their own image being over bearing lunachicks often commented their extreme theatrically image was to show that it shouldn’t matter what you look like in a world where women feel like they have to match up to the images they see in magazines.

Most importantly to me the lunachicks taught me that life is to short make sure you have fun along the way!!

Lunachicks have also appeared in films such as blue vengence, not bad for a girl, high times pollock, hairburners and of course terror firmer!

After the split the band all went onto separate projects Theo former ‘Theo and the skyscrapers’, and Gina plays for ‘bantam’ to name a few! There will always be a place in my heart and on my stereo for the lunachicks.


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  1. dothedevo
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 20:58:53

    Hi, I love Lunachicks too, and I love the point you make with this post – having more “strong” female bands around would make girls a lot stronger. I think they’re great role models, as musicians go, because they advocate sticking up for yourself, not getting plastic surgery, etc. More than you can say for most singers now.


  2. dothedevo
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 18:37:40

    Yep, I have a few friends who love it too but they all live far away… which complicates my own band forming plans, haha. There really are no female musicians like them left today.


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