Ikon gallery Birmingham August

Ikon gallery is located in Birmingham city centre and is one of my favourite galleries to visit. Free admission and never fails to creatively inspire me. Check out the website for location details …ikon website

At the moment they are exhibiting ‘this could happen to you’ a step back in time to some great 70s art. Being a bit of a history geek I took great delight stepping into the abstract world on display. Not only the social history of the era but also ikons history is explored.

First piece I encountered that I really enjoyed was a psychedelic video installation with blasting tunes as vibrant animation took place on screen. Everything I expect of 70s art a lot of fun but a bit of a head trip very iconic of acid hazes of its time and musical influence.

A great range of photography, interactive, sculpture, video and many more mediums are featured. I really loved some photographs by Stuart Brisley that captured the destruction and decay the war around had caused!

I’m not sure I’m allowed to post any pictures plus it would spoil the fun for you. Go down and check out Tim Maras bright prints an amazing exploration of bright colours and limited edition too.

If you do make your way down be sure to take part in David Medals interactive piece in one of the back rooms. A huge golden cloth with spindles of cotton and needles hanging above enabling you to sew your own little momentum. Filled with an array of photographs, poems, bus tickets lots of fun and interesting to see and compare what others collaborated. I really enjoy pieces like this that really encourage you to take part and realise that your a big part of each art piece.

My personal favourite tho is a huge print which to me represents the strong presence of men especially politically in the media. Check it out and let me know what you think!

There is so much more to be seen than I can even mention a fun and moving exhibit from start to end with lots of strong character. Had me constantly smiling to myself from piece to piece.

It is really important we show our support for ikon as not only does it show great contempary art but does a lot of important outreach work. With the constant slashing of arts funding it would be terrible to see such a valuable place in Birmingham disappear. After 40 years it is still going strong and hopefully with our attendance and support it will continue to do so. So if your in Birmingham pop in have a look around and become inspired.


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