Six summer saturdays and Acrojou circus

Over the summer the Birmingham Hippodrome are holding ‘six summer saturdays’. Every saturday up until 28th August a variety of street performers will be in the city centre. For a full list of what will be going on go to the website. six summer saturdays

These fun and different performace are a ray of light in the hell that is Birmingham city centre on a saturday! Even though it was wet and rainy I managed to catch the Acrojou circus.

A duo who give an acrobatic performance within a big wheel. The wheel itself is a work of art decorated with a gypsy feel old photographs and even little windows made to look like a home. This surreal performance is a lot of fun,quaint and looks like hard work! I enjoyed watching baffled looks of passers by while they jumped and turned in the wheel and brought smiles to those baffled faces.

Overall they were a lot of fun but with a little more acting I feel I would have been fully entertained!

Also if you do go to town for any of the six summer saturdays pop into the pallisades and next to peacocks is ‘seeing the unseen’ photographs and films by Harold Edgerton as part of Ikons 70s display. Well worth the look.


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