Emerald void filming with Barg

Yesterday emerald void had a lot of fun providing film coverage for the latest barg event!

Barg is a network of people who believe that games aren’t just for children. The latest event took place at the mac in cannon hill park Birmingham.

Our main coverage was of the two main events being sonar goggles and bull hunts. 3 at a time teamed with a partner everyone got a chance to try out sonar goggles. Lead only by sound the aim was to get to the other side of the courtyard and locate some bubble wrap. The partner was only allowed to intervene if the sonar goggled person were to bump into anything. It was fun filming the confusion and misdirection of the blinded. We had a few interviews to see how they felt after. Watch this space for the documentary coming soon.

The highlight and end to the day was a bull hunt. Teamed with coloured helium balloons participants had to eagerly hunt down the bull in the park. The aim of the game was to temp the bull into allowing them to tie a balloon to his horns! The bulls head was beautifully crafted and once found the creative ways of tempting were highly amusing. Ranging from singing and dancing to straight up flattery.

Keep and eye on future events by following them on twitter @BargBarg.


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