Filmrats September 28th

Although Filmrats has been going for some time now this is the first ive managed to attend. Filmrats showcases music and film together but are open to all forms of art. At the moment they are based in Poppy red in Birmingham’s Arcadian on a bi monthly basis.

Poppy red was a nice laid back venue with a decent size screen and small stage. The night opened with some music a nice relaxed vibe from A Modern Foreign. Not really my kind of music but i enjoyed them anyway and appreciate their talent.

The first film was uk film council funded SIS. Which tells the engaging tale of two young girls who go on a quest to show a man who ‘likes children’ in their area their gymnastic skills. Well filmed, tackling a controversial topic with a light-hearted amusing twist. The acting from the little girls in the film is of a better standard than i have seen many grown ups. So budding actors take note and check out this film.

‘Blu tac’ however was completely different. Granted ‘SIS’ was going to be a hard act to follow i found this film to have tried to hard to be surreal and different and instead just achieve silly and pointless.

The next set of music came from a talented young lady playing guitar and singing. I assume she was half of The Electrilickers She reminded me a little of an indie Kate Nash had a lovely voice and closed her set with a cover of Billie Holiday by warpaint…I had never heard this before but after listening to the original today she certainly did the song justice if not a little better!

The next video was a mocumentary called The lone larper about an outcasts quest to form his own clan. This had the whole room giggling…check it out here…

Guiltily i have to admit i had to leave early as i was tired and wanted to catch the last ‘This is England 86’ so i only managed to catch one more short. Short and sweet it was nice and dark but well made sadly i seem to have forgotten the name so if you guys read this let me know and send me a link 🙂

In all Filmrats is an enjoyable night out with good vibes and a good selection of music and films for a mere £2 you would be crazy to miss the next one! Follow them on twitter for more details.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. William Douglas
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 17:46:35

    Clearly you missed the point as the point was on the pin maha


    • lunariot
      Sep 29, 2010 @ 17:51:08

      just my opinion maybe others liked it had a lot of potential just didnt do it for me. As long as you enjoyed the process its all good keep filming .


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