Scroobius pip vz Dan le sac

I have been listening to the lyrical genius and catchy beats of Scroobius pip vz Dan le sac for some time now. Yet I always seemed to miss them play for one reason or another. So this time upon hearing that they would be playing Birmingham Kel snapped up our tickets!

The HMV institute is a new venue in Birmingham located in the old sanctuary. They really have cleaned up the place! Massive change to the groggy dirty dark wonders that were the sanctuary. Although I do have to say I had a soft spot for the place many a random night spent there! The drinks are reasonably priced as well which was a refreshing change for a gig.

The only support act I managed to catch was some bizarre band with trumpets and a man covered in hands dancing round manically! He was slightly scary but really gave it for the entire set he must have been half dead by time he left the stage. It was also good to hear some trumpets the band were definitely entertaining! If you get a chance to see Misty’s big adventure take it they will bring a smile to your face and put a bounce in your step. Also major kudos for the website!

I haven’t been so excited about a gig since maybe hole in March so the anticipation of pip and le sacs arrival on stage was killing me. My excitement was rewarded soon enough. The Essex wander graced the stage bottle of rose wine in hand. The beat master stepped forward and the magic began.

A great mix of tracks new and old. The energy on stage and in the crowd was really vibrant. I think I expected it to be really calm and the crowd to be a little pretentious. Instead the crowd were mixed and friendly everyone singing along and were more united than most crowds I’ve seen recently. It was definitely a refreshing change from crazy mosh pits and aggression at the gigs i usually attend.

The banter between pip and le sac kept the pace happy and fun even when tackling serious tracks. One of the reasons I love this duo is for their depth and variety. Pip easily connected with the crowd and took our minds on deep and powerful journeys while le sacs beats kept everyone dancing. Sadly they said they wont be touring in the UK for a while now but when they do im first in line for tickets!


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