Brainwash Brum

Very last-minute I was sent an invite to Brain wash Brum a new film event in Birmingham. I hadn’t heard of it before but was instantly interested. Advertised as “night of innovative, refreshing and simply interesting short films”. Upon further investigation it seems brain wash originally started out in London when a group of creatives got together and started screening films. Now they are branching out and taking it global to share established and new talent for free to anyone who would like to see it!

Jekyll & Hyde is a cosy friendly bar tucked away on Steelhouse Lane in Birmingham. The bar staff are really friendly and there is a great selection of drinks including cocktails. Although they can be a bit pricey. Candle lighting gave the bar a warm friendly glow and the atmosphere put me at ease straight away.A screen pulled down over one of the front windows. A fairly decent size screen for a small venue and a great sound.

A varied selection of short films from dark and bleak to outright weird straight back to light-hearted and funny. My personal favourite was an animated piece called ‘moonbird’ a strange tale with a Tim Burton / Lenore feel to it. check out the trailer here.

The film that seemed to make the biggest impact on the audience was an extreme surreal piece called ‘wet one’ very uncomfortable and weird so give it a watch if you get the chance as i think that was the intention. All the films were of a high standard and very different to each other brain wash did a great job in selecting what to screen. I shall definitely be attending future brain wash events and highly recommend them to all.


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