Book review-Call Me Elizabeth

I am a big reader and read books like its going out of fashion. Which is a good point. Is reading old fashioned now? How many people still read? Personally I think there’s nothing sexier than a man with intelligence who likes to read. I digress my cousin isn’t much of a reader but was very excited about this book so I thought I would give it a try.

Call me Elizabeth is a heartbreaking and inspiring story of a mother of 6 turned to prostitution. Run down by debt and pride this mother goes to extreme measures to keep her family in a life they are accustom to. Dawn Annandale tells her true story of her life as a working girl.

From a young age Dawn was to encounter a life of sexual abuse from her father. In experiencing such a terrible childhood she made a promise to herself that when she had children she would make sure they had the very best. Through the book we see the extreme measures she takes to ensure this. .

This book is a fascinating read of fetishes, dramas, and struggle. In my opinion Dawn is an amazing mother doing what she could to keep her kids happy and safe. They were never endangered and why shouldn’t a woman be able to sell her body?

Prostitution is a choice. We are born into this world and man or woman our bodies are our own. Some choose to use their bodies to get them ahead be them models, body builders or prostitutes.

In all a great read go in with an open mind.


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