Birmingham German Market 2010

The commuters are adorned with mohawk clad hats and big woolly mittens which means the first signs of Christmas have hit Birmingham! The German market has arrived.

Every year the German market brings a little slice of Germanys christmas spirit to the second city. Warming up Birmingham with all the fantastic Christmas lights. To look at the market is very quaint. Little wooden huts adorned in lights and holding hand crafted treasures. Spreading from the bottom of broad street through victoria square down to corporation street its hard to miss. Even if you were walking around in a daze you would soon be swept into the thriving atmosphere.

There are so many things to buy,try and see in little germany I had to go twice. I made the mistake of going on the second saturday of its arrival. Crowds were bursting at the seams my cousins and I had to swiftly conga through to keep all 10 of us together. Despite being overcrowded crowds were merry and friendly so seemed all part of the fun.

In the centre of the market a huge twinkling carousel spins like a child’s dream. Traditionally featuring golden horses and carriages a warm fuzzy feeling crept up inside me. Maybe it was childhood memories of fairgrounds or maybe it was just the muled wine I was sipping.

If your a fan of sausage then the German market is the place for you! Every other hand was laden with a huge hot dog keep an eye out or you may have one in it. Other food available ranges from chinese, traditional burgers, hog roast, mushrooms and more.

The market is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. Chocolate truffle stands, boiled sweets, haribo, pancakes, waffles,cakes.

Hand crafted items are available through the market so even if not. Buying its worth looking just to marvel over the diverse talent on display.

The German market can be a lot of fun but also a bank breaker. Try the hot chocolate with baileys. Personally i didn’t love the hot cider and I found my favourite gingerbread biscuits for a fraction of the price in lidl.

A romantic trip for couples or a great get together for friends and family here’s to hopefully many more years of the German market lighting up grumpy Birmingham with smiles. Merry christmas.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simon
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 15:13:30

    It sounds and looks great! I wish they had something that grand in my corner of the country. It would certainly help to make the season of goodwill far more memorable! As well as help to remind me and probably many others, of that magical festive atmosphere that we all remember as a child.

    It’s also good to experience how other countries, as in this case Germany, celebrate Christmas. Fun, excitement and education all in one! Nice one…


    • lunariot
      Dec 13, 2010 @ 15:43:46

      it is definetly worth a visit as it seems christmas spirit seems to be dying down lately. There are hardly any christmas lights up in houses anymore! Am I just getting old or is christmas losing its magic?


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