Christmas liau hosted by Fat bwoi 5

On a snowy December school night in Dudley town centre the first annual liau took place.

The lamp tavern is a small cosy traditional building packed with a bed and breakfast,pub and function room. It feels like the kid of gem you find deep in the countryside. The gig took place in the function room low ceilings a small stage and a more intimate setting for bands to play. The acoustics in the venue were great and finally a decent sound guy!

I was called to the gig to film my first experience with a canon 7d and attempt at using a sound recording device to ensure the best quality sound. Sadly I was mainly producing so wasn’t able to handle the cam much but the quality of the rushes really show that using slr cameras really could be the future for film. Team for the day was me (kelly Jones), Harman Sahota on stills and Carl on camera.

First up was a santa clad Rhett Barrow from Leicester. A great acoustic artist full of grungey dirty blues. Barrow can be caught at many acoustic open mic nights if you have the opportunity he is not to be missed.

Next up a last minute replacement for 8 bit ninjas who had to pull out. By no means were the black tears just a filler though! The nuneaton based female fronted ka pow packing punk band played an awesome set. The album is now available so check them out when we post the videos and let us know what you think.

Dresses were promised and boy did fat dave deliver. Well kinda personally I’d say it was a 2 piece ;). Pretty in pink the only one brave enough to wear a dress. Fat boi 5 pack a superhero punch. With songs about chickens and zombies what could be better other than possibly chicken zombies. Even if the zombies were from that lame film Romero churned out to line his pockets I can at least say I dug the track. These guys really know how to work their audience from participating jazz hands to picking on the drummer. Toes were tapping, heads were bobbing and hands were jazzing. A great thank you to these guys for putting on an awesome night. Footage soon to follow in a later blog when the edits complete so you can judge for your zombie loving, nandos going, bullet taking selves. (Pics to be added)


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