Neighbourhood watch

A new video event has landed upon Birmingham called Neighbourhood watch. Overall a very relaxed and friendly environment to showcase and appreciate short films of all kinds.

The criteria only asks that the films be recent within the last 6 months where possible and no longer than 10 mins each. All films are submitted prior to screening with a guarantee of being showed. The film makers are asked that they come down on the night so they can answer any questions on their work. So it is also a great networking opportunity.

Very friendly organisers with a free drink and popcorn on arrival. Films, good people all for only £3. I’m sure you can all afford £3 a month!

None of the films are watched by the curators before the event and all are picked out of a bag at random. I thought this was a great idea. The only problem to not having a program of events is sadly I don’t remember the names to most of the films we saw. So keep your notebook handy.

A great array of films were shown my favourite was some old 90s footage of walsall town. I personally love seeing retro footage always brings a smile to my face. Especially with the ever changing cities around us.

In all a great night out for film makers and film lovers alike. All levels of film making were warmly accepted and I didn’t even get a sniff of obnoxious pretence that you find at most events. See you at the next one!


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