Wonderful Warwick

A very good friend of mine has moved to Warwick and so last weekend i went to visit. I had never been to Warwick before so i figured it was worthy of a post.

First thoughts about entering the city is noticing its beautiful historic buildings. I am somewhat of a geek when it comes to old buildings. I revel in the architecture of churches and castle and warwick has some beautiful examples of both.The street my friend lives on is very pretty and quiet each house has its own little individual edge instead of walking down the same old boring streets.

There is a really nice atmosphere about Warwick or maybe i just find it calming being out of Birmingham. Went to pizza express on the friday evening after recovering from the worlds worst hangover and having broken my phone! The food was lovely the waiter was hot and we got to dine outside in the sun. I would reccommend this pizza express i loved my rasberry lemonade a much needed hangover cure.

Saturday was a fun day of shopping. I love how most of the shops in warwick are tiny independent businesses. A vintage shoppers dream. There was a big farmers market and a street party on during the day. A lovely cheerful friendly atmosphere was buzzing through the centre. I managed to catch some belly dancing from some older ladies. More power to you ladies for doning full costumes and putting on a show for the people of Warwick. Looked like a lot of fun to do. A guilty highlight for me was the morris dancers. I have never seen morris dancing before so found it all very exciting. I was also pleasantly surprised to see not only older gentlemen but also young guys taking part in this traditional dance. One tradition that threw me off a little were the mistrals wandering about town with blacked out faces. I had to have a look into why they have blacked out faces and aparently its traditionally because as incomes were low men would paint their faces black as a disguise to hide their identity to earn some extra money dancing.

It is worth mentioning that during my trip i watched ‘the human centipede’ finally. I have to say its a pretty decent film. It is very disturbing without having to show too much like great horror should be it managed to push the boundaries of my emotions leaving me both impressed and disgusted. Bring on the sequel good work.

Sunday we ventured to leamington spa to go to a vintage fare at the prince of wales. We stopped off for breakfast at a really sweet little shop Burst where they serve juices and smoothies as well as being able to order a vegan choice also. The food was lovely and the smoothies were very yummy and all was reasonably priced so if your about Leamington pop in and show this great place some support.

The prince of wales was a great venue i would like to go back and see what its like when there isn’t an event on. They managed to cram a lot of stalls into a small space but sadly i didn’t see any great bargains that caught my eye. Still that’s the joy of vintage shopping you never know what your going to get. Although it seems with the recent increase in vintage shoppers the prices are rocketing and the steals becoming rarer. Although a fleeting visit Leamington seemed like a nice place to visit for the day and i will venture back at some point.

The best food yet was some great vegan mac and cheese made by the lovely cherry which you can find on her blog. Itis a must try for all vegans and non vegans too.

The highlight of the whole weekend for me was swan pedalos on the river at st nicks park. For £12 you can hire a swan pedalo for half an hour. They do also have row boats and normal pedalos for hire. You can take your pedalo down the river to look at warwick castle and it is well worth the view. I didn’t want to pay a fortune to get into the castle and got to go out on the river on a lovely sunny day. Half an hour really doesn’t sound like much but its plenty enough to see everything you need to. There are some charming properties along the riverside with their own little row boats. St Nicks is a lovely park with a big paddling pool, crazy golf, kiddies rides and tons of great scenery all around. picnicers were out in force.

In all i really liked Warwick its a lovely place with a great atmosphere and lots to see and do. Really recommend you all to take a day trip down for a picnic by the river or a drink in the local pubs.


Cakemix bringing art together

Had a great meeting the other day and its about time we start getting the word out. Cakemix is for all you creatives out there. Me and two fabulously talented artists are putting together an informal networking event for you guys.

The idea behind cakemix is that anyone can come down for a chat and a coffee. Artists, photographers, musicians, film makers anyone who is creative or has an interest in getting some projects started. This is a Birmingham based event but anyone is welcome to attend.

The first event will be set soon and its all about coming down and just metting other people. The idea is to get everyone working together or being able to showcase work. Eventually we would like to get some exibitions or shows together but for that we need a good turn out.

Where cakemix goes is in your hands we can make it happen. If your interested drop me a message and I can give you more details.

Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Neighbourhood watch

A new video event has landed upon Birmingham called Neighbourhood watch. Overall a very relaxed and friendly environment to showcase and appreciate short films of all kinds.

The criteria only asks that the films be recent within the last 6 months where possible and no longer than 10 mins each. All films are submitted prior to screening with a guarantee of being showed. The film makers are asked that they come down on the night so they can answer any questions on their work. So it is also a great networking opportunity.

Very friendly organisers with a free drink and popcorn on arrival. Films, good people all for only £3. I’m sure you can all afford £3 a month!

None of the films are watched by the curators before the event and all are picked out of a bag at random. I thought this was a great idea. The only problem to not having a program of events is sadly I don’t remember the names to most of the films we saw. So keep your notebook handy.

A great array of films were shown my favourite was some old 90s footage of walsall town. I personally love seeing retro footage always brings a smile to my face. Especially with the ever changing cities around us.

In all a great night out for film makers and film lovers alike. All levels of film making were warmly accepted and I didn’t even get a sniff of obnoxious pretence that you find at most events. See you at the next one!

wolverhampton rd Bridge Birmingham

This bridge on wolverhampton road reminds me of being 5 years old when I came to Birmingham for the first time. A little welsh girl entering a new world I thought it was the most magical thing I had saw.

I really thought the sun smiled down on me and the moon smiling looked over me. Not a bad image for a child to have.

Whenever I go past this bridge I still get a slight tinge of that magic. Thank you sandwell council for not painting over this lovely image 🙂

Rotunda music video

From an early age I have been heavily into the punk scene. Something that is still going strong in Birmingham in the back streets of Digbeth in particular! A band that has been affluent in this scene are Rotunda.

Rotunda have energy and passion to burn and are due to release a new album soon! ‘Chalk it up’ within the coming weeks so make sure you get your hands on a copy!

I can remember being 15 and dancing to ‘my only weapon’ never would I dream that not only would Rotunda play HMMC but also approach me to make a video for them!

The first set of filming took part in a busy scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham city centre. A horde of loyal Rotunda fans swarmed in to support the video. One of the easiest co operative crowds I have worked for patiently rocking out to ‘last stop utopia’ again and again.

Rotunda were also a dream to work with. I have been pretty lucky with bands that are easy to work with so far and *fingers crossed* it stays that way. The video is worked around an idea of the bands and has an 80s feel. I won’t say too much until its seen so you can judge for yourselves.

We just have one set of filming and the edit to go before your eyes and ears can feast upon it. In the meantime check out Rotunda and grab the new album. Rotunda are very active at gigs that are usually easy on the pocket as thy are FREE no excuses not to check them out now people. Part of the punk weekender taking place at scruffies this weekend in Birmingham 23\24 April.

In the words of Rotunda Rot on!

Heathfield road Handsworth Birmingham

I love projects like this. Handsworth is an inner city area full of all the many problems facing most areas of crime and poverty. I am glad to be able to have grown up and worked in areas like this.

Although there’s lots of suffering, poverty, mental health issues among other things. The area is full of many different people from all walks of life. A very welcoming and accepting community and I feel these pictures represent the side of Handsworth and Lozells that people do not get to hear about so often.

Christmas liau hosted by Fat bwoi 5

On a snowy December school night in Dudley town centre the first annual liau took place.

The lamp tavern is a small cosy traditional building packed with a bed and breakfast,pub and function room. It feels like the kid of gem you find deep in the countryside. The gig took place in the function room low ceilings a small stage and a more intimate setting for bands to play. The acoustics in the venue were great and finally a decent sound guy!

I was called to the gig to film my first experience with a canon 7d and attempt at using a sound recording device to ensure the best quality sound. Sadly I was mainly producing so wasn’t able to handle the cam much but the quality of the rushes really show that using slr cameras really could be the future for film. Team for the day was me (kelly Jones), Harman Sahota on stills and Carl on camera.

First up was a santa clad Rhett Barrow from Leicester. A great acoustic artist full of grungey dirty blues. Barrow can be caught at many acoustic open mic nights if you have the opportunity he is not to be missed.

Next up a last minute replacement for 8 bit ninjas who had to pull out. By no means were the black tears just a filler though! The nuneaton based female fronted ka pow packing punk band played an awesome set. The album is now available so check them out when we post the videos and let us know what you think.

Dresses were promised and boy did fat dave deliver. Well kinda personally I’d say it was a 2 piece ;). Pretty in pink the only one brave enough to wear a dress. Fat boi 5 pack a superhero punch. With songs about chickens and zombies what could be better other than possibly chicken zombies. Even if the zombies were from that lame film Romero churned out to line his pockets I can at least say I dug the track. These guys really know how to work their audience from participating jazz hands to picking on the drummer. Toes were tapping, heads were bobbing and hands were jazzing. A great thank you to these guys for putting on an awesome night. Footage soon to follow in a later blog when the edits complete so you can judge for your zombie loving, nandos going, bullet taking selves. (Pics to be added)

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